Here’s Your First Look at the Production Version of the Tesla Model 3


We learned last week that the first production version of the Tesla Model 3 would be ready for an initial debut this weekend, as per a series of tweets sent by CEO Elon Musk. Now, Musk has shared the first pair of images presenting the Serial Number 1 car.

A question that’s been circling the minds of many over the past few days has been who retains the rights to the first Model 3. As it turns out, Tesla board member Ira Ehrenpreis placed the first deposit down for the car, so naturally, the car would go to him. But out of kindness, Ehrenpreis gifted the rights to the vehicle to Musk for his 46th birthday. Therefore, in classic Musk fashion, he gets first dibs.

The first 30 customers of the Model 3 will get their cars July 28th during a handover party. Musk previously shared Tesla expects to begin producing 20,000 units of the car monthly by December. Additionally, the company’s expected to produce half a million Model 3s annually starting in 2018.

Musk is riding huge on the success of the Model 3. During the unveiling event last year, he thanked everyone who bought a Model X or S for funding the car. Essentially, everything that Tesla has done up to this point has helped them further develop the Model 3 and get it ready to ship to consumers everywhere. There are already 400,000 down payments made on the car which gives Tesla a pretty big start, but let’s just hope sales float around this range for the long term.

You can learn more about the $35,000 car in our announcement article that went live more than a year ago.

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