Google Says the Desktop Client for Allo is Coming in a Few Weeks

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We last heard about the upcoming Google Allo desktop client in May when the company’s VP of communications products Nick Fox stated the web app was still a month or two away from being released. This came after an initial unveiling of the client in February. Now, we’re hearing we’re still a few more weeks away from it reaching the general public as per a tweet by the head of Allo, Amit Fulay.

While this is rather disappointing, it does give Google some more time to introduce new features and perfect their product before rushing it out to the world. One feature I’m sure many of us would appreciate is SMS integration that, for whatever reason, is still absent. I’m just guessing here, but maybe Google is building this feature in before they go all-in on their desktop client? I dunno, I’m really just spitballing here.

Stay tuned as we’ll let you know when the client is available for use.


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