Google Says 11.5% of Devices Are Running Android Nougat

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Google has released Android’s current statistics via a pie chart uploaded to the Android Developers website. In the chart, it states that after over 10 months of being available, Android Nougat has entered double digits and is running on 11.5% of all devices.

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Specifically, version 7.0 of the OS is now on 10.6% while version 7.1 is running on 0.9% for a total of 11.5%. Overall, Nougat has seen a 2% bump over last month. This is thanks to new devices from Lenovo and OnePlus that are running the software alongside software updates to older devices. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we see the OS reach 20%. This is doubtful, however, as Android O is right around the corner.

For reference, Marshmallow climbed onto 0.6% more devices and is now on 31.8%; Lollipop is on 30.1%; KitKat is on 17.1%; Jelly Bean is on 8.1%; Ice Cream Sandwich sits like a slug at 0.7%, and Gingerbread joins it on 0.7% of devices.


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