You’ll Now Have to Pay $5 Extra Per Month for T-Mobile’s One Plus Unlimited Plan

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T-Mobile’s One Plus plan offers a whole lot for a monthly fee. You get HD video streaming opposed to the usual DVD quality 480p resolution, unlimited data, unlimited mobile hotspot data, free in-flight Gogo Wi-Fi, quicker-than-average international data speeds, and, of course, unlimited talk and text. Usually, this plan would cost you $75 per month for a line, but T-Mobile is today increasing its price by $5.

Starting today, anyone who signs up for T-Mobile’s One Plus will need to pay $80 per month for a single line, $5 more than the previous rate for One Plus and $10 more than T-Mobile’s One unlimited plan. Business Insider quotes a spokesperson who stated this is due to the $75/month rate being nothing more than a promotional price point which has now expired, but this is still unfortunate when considering the value you got before for your money. Luckily, those who are already locked into the $75/month One Plus rate will be grandfathered over.

Regardless, T-Mobile’s offering is still pretty good. AT&T currently charges $90 for a line on their unlimited plan, while Sprint’s $50/month rate will expire in the middle of this year. This keeps T-Mobile at a competitive level when considering what you get for the money you pay. And really, $10 more than what you pay for unlimited data, talk, and text is still a small price to pay for HD video streaming, unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi from Gogo, and faster international data speeds. Still, $5 is $5 that could get you a cup of coffee. Guess you’ll have to scrap your change from now on when you pull up to Starbucks.


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