Samsung Flow Can Now Unlock Your Windows 10 PC with a Galaxy S8

Samsung has updated its Flow apps so you can unlock your Windows 10 PC with the fingerprint sensor on your Galaxy S8. Previously, the feature had only worked on Samsung-built devices like the Galaxy TabPro S.

Thanks to the update, not only can Galaxy S8 users utilize the functionality, but those with an S7 or S6 can also take advantage of the feature. In addition, the app will sync all of the notifications that arrive on your phone to your PC so you don’t have to keep checking your phone when you hear it buzz.

In our early testing of the feature, things seemed pretty buggy and inconsistent. Therefore, it may be worth it if you just wait a little bit before you try out the new Samsung Flow so the company can begin updating the software and finalizing rough edges. Of course, if you’re a risk taker, download Samsung Flow to your Galaxy S device from here and to your Windows 10 PC here.

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