Elon Musk Confirms First Production Tesla Model 3 to Be Ready Friday


Elon Musk has confirmed on Twitter that Serial Number 1 of the new Tesla Model 3 will be completed by Friday. The first production model of the $35,000 vehicle originally unveiled last year will pave the way for the first 30 customers of the car to receive their units on July 28th during a handover party. Musk also shared he expects Tesla to produce the Model 3 exponentially over the course of several months, with the company reaching 20,000 units a month by December.

We previously learned that Tesla would unveil the finished Model 3 during the month of July, while the company was expected to begin producing 500,000 Model 3s annually as soon as next year. This is clearly a big goal to reach, but I suppose if anyone could do it, it would be Elon Musk and his team.

Musk is riding huge on the success of the Model 3. During the unveiling event last year, he thanked everyone who bought a Model X or S for funding the car. Essentially, everything that Tesla has done up to this point has helped them further develop the Model 3 and get it ready to ship to consumers everywhere. There are already 400,000 down payments made on the car which gives Tesla a pretty big start, but let’s just hope sales float around this range for the long term.

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