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The LG V30 Might Not Come with a Secondary Display

A differentiator for LG’s V-series of smartphones happens to be the fact they include secondary displays. This extra hardware adds special software tricks and shortcuts to the handsets alongside handy information like notifications and the current time. I’ve always been a fan of the kind-of-gimmicky feature, but it now looks like LG will be retiring it after two iterations.

According to a report out of XDA-Developers, LG will ditch the secondary ticker for the V30 in favor of an OLED display. While the second screen would’ve benefited from an OLED panel itself, it looks like LG wants to continue evolving the enthusiast-oriented line of devices into something more than a test dummy for new features. And unsurprisingly, it looks like the second display is one of those features.

The report also mentions the V30 could also feature a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of expandable storage. Additionally, the handset may adopt an 18:9 aspect ratio like the G6 did earlier this year. Essentially, this would create a larger version of the G6 but likely with more features like a quad DAC in all regions. We can’t independently confirm any of these facts, but expect to hear more about the handset in the near future as it’s rumored to be unveiled at IFA 2017.


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