RIP: Google Has Officially Killed Gchat

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Back in March, Google announced they would eventually kill off Gchat (or Google Talk) in favor of Hangouts. While users had three months to make the messaging app switch, today is the day when you’ll be forced off the platform in favor of something more modern.

Google Talk was originally introduced as a tool Gmail users could use in 2005 to communicate more efficiently and quickly. In 2013, Google started pushing users to make the switch to Hangouts in order for the replacement of Gchat to begin. (It’s worth mentioning Google still gave users the option of using either Hangouts or Gchat at this time.) This led to many users switching over for the sake of video calling, better chat utilities, and an overall better experience. Finally, after Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat were introduced, the company realized they should probably get rid of Gchat thanks to their new services being so much better. Hence, today begins the ultimate shutdown of everything Gchat.

If you’ve been using Gchat to communicate, there may be something wrong with you. There’s dozens of other messaging apps out there on the market, such as Allo, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Android Messenger – you get the picture. So why not just make the switch, eh? Uninstall that old, blocky Google Talk app and start using something else to communicate with your buddies. Google Voice is always a great option.


3 Replies to “RIP: Google Has Officially Killed Gchat”

  1. Kilian says:

    So what would you recommend that works on Android and Macs likewise and that I don’t have to keep open in the browser all the time?

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