Facebook has updated Messenger with new features in the video chatting aspect. And yes, as is the case with most things that involve your camera and Facebook, there’s effects.

For one, you can now add live reactions to your face using new emoji icons. You can look surprised, sad, angry, loving, or be laughing using the new feature, while filters can also set your scene much like they can in Messenger Stories. There’s even AR-powered filters that let you look like you just graduated high school or have a ring of flowers around your head. And of course, there’s now a camera button at the bottom of each video chat that lets you take a screenshot of whatever’s going on.

Essentially, none of these features were asked for, but I guess Facebook wants to make using video chat a bit more fun than usual. Maybe they’ll get rid of Messenger Stories next and just move all of its features to video calls?

All of these changes are now rolling out to both iOS and Android users of Messenger.