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For the First Time, Everyone Can Now Beta Test Apple’s tvOS

Starting today, anyone who wants to can beta test Apple’s tvOS operating system for the fourth-generation Apple TV. By visiting and registering your Apple TV, you’ll be able to install the first public beta of tvOS 11. The software has been available to developers since WWDC 2017 but is now available to anyone willing to test it. This news comes the same day the first public builds of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra were released.

Mind you, tvOS 11 includes many bugs that may slow down performance or cause apps and certain features of the operating system to simply fail or just not work. Therefore, be sure to remain cautious before jumping the gun and installing this beta right away.

tvOS 11 includes minor improvements but will bring the Amazon Prime Video app to the Apple TV alongside scheduled dark and light modes for viewing times.


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