Apple Releases the First Public Beta of iOS 11 – Here’s How to Install

Apple today released the very first public beta of iOS 11 for all to download and begin testing. The build features the same amount of bugs and instabilities as the second developer build of the future OS upgrade for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in which you may not wanna install it on your main device. But in all reality, you may be fine in the end if your device is fairly recent (think from 2014 or later).

As always, if you wanna install the public beta of iOS 11, you’ll wanna backup your device’s data first. Apple has a full tutorial on how to do so here. Once that’s complete, you’ll need to go to on your device. This is where you’ll be able to sign into your Apple ID and register your phone or tablet to begin receiving public betas. Then, you’ll be directed to download a configuration profile that will install on your device. After that, just reboot your device and you’ll be notified about an iOS update available that is the iOS 11 public beta.

It’s a pretty straightforward process anyone can perform, but you’ll still wanna take caution while doing it as you will experience regular bugs during your use. If your experience is anything like mine, you may get pretty annoyed relatively quickly.

iOS 11 packs a revamped Control Center, redesigned notifications, improvements to Siri including an all-new voice, Do Not Disturb While Driving, and an all-new interface for the iPad with better productivity features, a macOS-style Dock, and a new multitasking view. There’s even an official Files app for all iOS devices that lets you access files stored on your device without having to hunt down a third-party service to do so.


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