Apple Releases First macOS High Sierra Public Beta

Apple today released the very first public beta of macOS High Sierra for anyone interested in beginning testing on their own Mac. This comes the same day as the first iOS 11 public beta’s arrival.

To install the public beta on your Mac, head over to and sign in with your Apple ID. Then, opt to register for the High Sierra beta and download the appropriate configuration profile. Once this installs on your system, simply reboot your computer and you’ll be notified of a macOS update that is the first beta of High Sierra. Note that this build of the future OS upgrade for the Mac is still pretty buggy, so if you have a secondary computer, you may wanna just test drive the software on this hardware instead of on your main machine.

macOS High Sierra includes the Apple File System to make using your Mac faster, Metal 2 with native VR support, updates to Siri including all-new voices, autoplay blocking in Safari, and support for external GPUs you may wanna hook up for heavy workloads or intense games.

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