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The OnePlus 5 Will Strongly Focus on the Camera

OnePlus recently invited The Verge to Shenzen, China to visit their headquarters and get the inside scoop on the OnePlus 5, one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2017 that will receive an unveiling tomorrow at noon. While we don’t get all the details on the handset in the feature or the video, we do get confirmation on one major factor: the camera.

The OnePlus 5 has been rumored to feature dual cameras, with multiple leaks and reports confirming this speculation. Now, OnePlus has formally stated the 5 will indeed feature two cameras on the back. Similar to how Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus operates, the OnePlus 5’s dual rear cameras will be capable of shooting natural bokeh images with a subject front and center, while the cameras will also offer lossless pinch-to-zoom. OnePlus says while the camera on the OnePlus 3 was good, it still wasn’t enough to compete with some of the bigger players like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series. Therefore, to make a phone that Android phone enthusiasts will enjoy, the company needed to steer their attention towards the camera department. And they hope they’ve done well.

We obviously won’t know how the camera can perform until tomorrow or until we get our hands on it, but in the video, the results seemed pretty promising. They look similar to what you’d get with the iPhone 7 Plus, and since those photos are so good, OnePlus might actually have a real competitor this time around. Again, we’ll have to wait to be sure, but at least for now it seems pretty likely this is the case.

The OnePlus 5 will also be OnePlus’ most expensive smartphone to date. The OnePlus 3T cost $439, so the 5 will no doubt be around the $500 mark. No further information has been given on this topic yet so stay tuned.

Finally, as a fun little tidbit, OnePlus originally hoped to give the 5 a bezel-less display. This, unfortunately, couldn’t happen as the company still doesn’t have the resources necessary to produce such a component. Of course, as they continue to grow, a OnePlus-branded handset will likely feature little to no screen bezels some day, but 2017 doesn’t look like the year this will happen.

You can read more about how the OnePlus 5 came to be in The Verge‘s feature here. Stay tuned to MBEDDED as we’ll have the latest from tomorrow’s event.


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