Samsung Details Thier Picture Frame Television, Starts at $1,999


Earlier this year during CES 2017, we told you about Samsung’s oddest television to date. The Frame is a TV that hangs on your wall and acts as a picture frame for when it’s not in use by displaying pieces of artwork. It’s kind of gimmicky, but it may prove appreciative for those who don’t like a giant black hole on their wall all the time.


The Frame will come in two sizes: 65-inches and 55-inches. The latter costs $1,999 while the former runs for $2,799. The Frame features 4K Ultra HD picture quality and exhibits artwork and photographs via “Art Mode” while not in use. Users can choose from 100 pieces of artwork to display on their television from what the company calls the “Samsung Collection” which is curated from 37 world-renowned artists and photographers. Ten categories are available to choose from, including Landscapes, Architecture, Wild Life, Drawing, Digital Art, Action, Still Life, Patterns, Urban Abstract and From Above. To compensate for the changing artwork, Samsung also allows users to change the borders around The Frame with other finishes including white, beige and walnut shades of real wood. These will cost $199 which is pretty steep. But I guess if you’re buying this thing, you probably have money to spend anyway.

This special television is also outfitted with Samsung’s new Invisible Connection cable and No Gap Wall Mount. The former will eliminate the need to see any standard wires or cables as it features one, single, transparent cable for connecting peripherals and power, while the latter allows the TV to sit flush with your wall for improved presentation. You can also opt for Samsung’s Studio Stand which looks like an artist’s easel if you don’t feel like mounting this guy on your wall.

Finally, a brightness sensor will optimize the picture quality of The Frame to better suit the room you set it up in. Think of it similar to how Apple’s True Tone technology works on their iPads.

The Frame is now available for purchase from Samsung’s website.

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