Making a Google Duo Call from Google Allo is Now Available

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Google has updated both Google Allo and Duo with new integrations today. With the new updates, users can now call or video chat Allo contacts from within the app and automatically be transferred to Duo. Both ends need to have each app installed and activated, but if they’re not, the person on the other end will receive an invitation to install Duo so calls can be completed. The feature has been highly requested by users so it looks like Google is listening to the world to an extent.

I say to an extent because Allo still doesn’t include SMS support. Most users would appreciate having SMS integration in Allo since Hangouts dropped it a short time ago. Heck, I know I’d use Allo on the daily if this feature were supported. But it’s not, and having the ability to call Duo contacts from the app may not be enough to get users to download (or re-download, for that matter) the app.

Regardless, Allo v13 is now rolling out via the Play and App Stores for Android and iOS. Mysteriously, we’re seeing this update first on our iPhone 7. Google Duo is also getting an upgrade via the same outlets and to the same platforms. Be on the lookout.


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