Microsoft Publishes Office to the Windows Store for Windows 10 S Users

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As a part of the launch of the new Surface Laptop that runs Windows 10 S and limits the hardware to run only apps from the Windows Store, Microsoft today brought its suite of Office apps to the Store for both 10 S and full Windows 10 users to download. While we don’t have a link to the software just yet, it should go live at some point today for everyone.

By bringing Office to the Windows Store, it enables the fear of being too limited by using Windows 10 S and not having every necessity you may need to decrease. And eventually, both Apple and Spotify will bring their desktop apps to the Windows Store for more users to enjoy as well. Hopefully, Windows 10 S will bring new life into the Windows Store and not let it die slowly like it’s been doing recently.

For reference, the desktop OneNote app isn’t included in the suite of Office apps in the Store, but the UWP version of the service does come preinstalled. In addition, you’ll be installing 32-bit versions of the Office apps, while COM add-ins aren’t supported.

Will you be downloading Office from the Windows Store?


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