Facebook Now Lets Users Post GIFs in Comments

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Facebook today is celebrating the birthday of the GIF, that moving picture format we all argue is pronounced “Gif” or “Jif.” Regardless of your beliefs, today’s the day to celebrate the format’s birthday. And Facebook is way ahead of us in this regard as they’re giving both users and the GIF a present this year: the ability to share GIFs in the comment section of Facebook posts.

A while back, the platform introduced the same sharing method, but for your Timeline. Today, however, the comment section where political views are argued, “CUTE!” comments are made, and conversations spark is now getting the same treatment. Facebook also shared that over 13 billion GIFs were sent via Messenger over the last year, while New Year’s Day 2017 was the most popular day ever for GIFs sent, with more than 400 million sent to recipients. Now, I’m sure the comment section will reign supreme when compared to these stats since so many people make comments about literally anything and everything.

Oh, and Grandma will just think it’s cool. But she’ll forget she already posted one in your comment section and post another, completely unrelated one.

Go Facebook.


One more thing: Facebook is hosting a poll on their platform to decide how people actually pronounce “GIF.” They said they’ll report back when the poll is over, so we’ll update this article with those numbers when the time comes.

Happy GIF-ing!


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