Meet the First Augmented Reality App that Lets You ‘Own The Sky’


By Rishab Jain, Co-founder and CEO of the Skrite app

Is the sky really the limit?

That’s the questions the founder of Skrite set out to answer when brainstorming an idea for a new social app that would cut through the noise of stale, predictable social media websites like Facebook and Snapchat.

Their answer? It’s a barrier that must be broken—and that’s how the world’s first augmented reality social network, which allows users to leave real-time drawings, selfies, photos and messages in the sky, was born.

Here are some of its game-changing applications:

Bringing AR to the People


Skrite is the first app to offer user-generated augmented reality (AR) in a space historically dominated by coders and developers. While apps like Snapchat allow users to play with elements of AR and superimpose it onto their environment (think Snapchat’s infamous dog filter), no app has ever let users create their own AR elements. However, with Skrite, everyday users can use the app to create their own messages and explore others in the sky around them. Skrite’s goal is to bring AR to the people and make it accessible—as CEO Rishab Jain explains, “Casual users shouldn’t feel augmented reality is off-limits because it seems too complicated or inaccessible.”

Commoditizing the Sky


Skrites—the pieces of content users upload to the sky—can only be created in a user’s current location. Skrites are created in zones, with a maximum of 25 Skrites per zone allowed. The first user to create a Skrite in a zone gets that zone named after them. Skrite is taking on the eventual commodification of the sky—the first person to upload a Skrite in the area gets to virtually own a piece of airspace. Applications range from quirky Skrites above a user’s home to advertising above a business, or any location that brings value to larger companies.

Turning Users into World Travelers


To explore the sky around them, users simply need to tilt their phone upwards. They can then see the public Skrites people left around them, or even the private Skrites their friends have left for them. But users don’t have to just explore the sky above where they’re standing. Skrite offers an ‘augmented reality teleportation’ experience. Users can connect with people throughout the world and see a 360 degree view of the city around them—including unique content created by individuals living in that city. It lets users travel without leaving their homes and experience the places they’ve always wanted to go from a multitude of different perspectives.

Social Media in the Sky


A thrilling aspect of Skrite is getting user creations seen by thousands of strangers—but it also has social features that fall a little closer to home. Users can add Skyers (friends) by username or address book, and then send them the equivalent of DMs—private Skrites in the sky. To the rest of the world, these Skrites appear on the sky as red locks. But the recipient of the DM sees a skywritten proposal, or a selfie taken at the same spot a few years previous. However, it’s not all about sweet messages to friends and lovers. Skyers can see the number of zones their friends have created, and where they’ve created them—meaning a little friendly world travel competition is in order.

Social media giants like Facebook and Snapchat have gotten predictable. Each has implemented a version of Snapchat’s stories in the past year; each encourages a user to interact with a phone or computer instead of their environment. Skrite stands in stark contrast—it’s an app that thrives on creativity, exploration, and world travel. It’s letting ordinary users explore the sky, and even own a piece of it forever.

To download Skrite go to the Apple App store:

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