LG May Be Manufacturing Google’s Next-Gen Pixel XL


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We just heard that Google gave its true Pixel XL successor the ax in favor of a larger-screened smartphone reportedly codenamed “taimen.” While it’s unclear as to what this handset will feature, it now looks like it may be manufactured by LG.

Inside the Android Issue Tracker and spotted by 9to5Google, a bug entry¬†indicates an issue with the “taimen” Pixel XL as recorded by an LG employee A Google employee later asked to move the bug report to a directory that includes two specific data entries the LG employee must first go through: “LGE” and “Taimen.”

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This alone tells us that Google and LG are most likely working together on the “taimen” Pixel. While we can’t confirm this speculation, the evidence is clearly there. For now, we don’t know who might be manufacturing the “walleye” Pixel, but it wouldn’t shock anyone if this were LG as well.

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