C Speed Just Announced the World’s Largest 4K TV

C Speed. You may have never heard of them, but now’s a good time to learn that they’re the ones responsible for the world’s largest 4K television. It’s called the C Speed 262, and as the name suggests, this thing features a 4K, 262-inch display.

Let that settle in. 262 inches of 4K glory in your living room. Or, as C Speed notes, in “a private movie theater in a remote corner of a luxury mansion.” Because you probably live in a mansion if you can afford this.

Specifically, this thing is gonna run you $539,000 by itself. If you want C Speed to install it for you and grab a “project management package,” it’s gonna cost an additional $38,500. That’s nuts for a television, but for the filthy rich, I guess it’s not so bad.

As for specs, the C Speed 262 features a ridiculous 4K 19-foot-wide LED display, 10 integrated speakers for 9.1 surround sound, and 800 nits of brightness. You can check out more regarding this crazy piece of work here.

“Hey, Alfred. I’m upgrading our television!” – Everyone buying this thing.

VIA: The Verge


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