Apple Built Drag and Drop into iOS 11 for iPhone, But Hides it From the World


A developer via a huge tweetstorm has demonstrated that Apple has included drag and drop support in iOS 11 for iPhones. On stage during WWDC 2017, Apple demoed the feature as an exclusive to the iPad for improved multitasking, but it looks like the company didn’t waste any time in including the feature in the upcoming major OS upgrade for Apple’s smartphone, even if it meant hiding it from public view.

Mind you, it’s straight up impossible for average users to enable this feature. In fact, Steven Troughton-Smith had to use an iOS 11 simulator just to enable drag and drop to simply demo it for the world. Therefore, don’t expect to find some weird workaround for your specific device to enable the function as it’s not possible unless Apple changes something in a later beta.

The feature works exactly like it does on the iPhone as it does on the iPad. You can drag and drop things like photos, links, text, and more between apps. Smith notes that if the upcoming iPhone 8 has a virtual home button, you may even be able to drag content to this area and drop it inside an app from your home screen. Of course, this is just a guess, but it sounds like a pretty good one anyway.

It remains unclear as to whether Apple will ever enable this feature in iOS 11 for iPhone. For now, we’ll have to assume it’s just there for further development on the iPad. You know, unless the next iPhones have the feature exclusively or something and Apple just isn’t telling us.

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