Sony Surprises the World with First Gameplay Video of Upcoming Spider-Man PS4 Title

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During their E3 2017 conference, Sony debuted the first 9-minute gameplay video from their upcoming Spider-Man video game arriving as an exclusive to the PlayStation 4. It’s been more than a decade since the web slinger has had major success on consoles, so Sony hopes to change this demographic with their new game.

During the gameplay, Spider-Ma is after a group of criminals known as the Demons. He later finds that their leader happens to also run the local homeless shelter. During the video, lots of action, acrobatics, destruction, and humor is found. It’s pretty enjoyable all on its own, so this could only mean playing the game will be a lot more fun.

Oh yeah, and it looks like Miles Morales, the Spider-Man who took over for Peter Parker when he died in 2011 in the comics, will also be featured in the game if a cameo of a character named Miles at the end of the trailer is of any indication.

It’s worth noting Sony isn’t basing this game off of the comics or the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film in any way. Rather, the company wants to build a unique story for Spidey to follow throughout the game. Again, this just makes things seem a bit more interesting a fun.

While it would please anyone to tell their friends that the game is right around the corner, Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man won’t be released until 2018. Therefore, plenty of things can change about the game between now and then, so stay tuned.

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