Google is expected to refresh its Pixel lineup this year with a new smaller Pixel and larger Pixel XL. But as per rumors, it’s been said that the company might release three phones this year, with the third featuring an even bigger screen than the already-large Pixel XL. However, according to a new report that surfaced today via Android Police, this device might be replacing the Pixel XL entirely.

That’s not to say the handset won’t feature the same name. Not much is expected to change regarding Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL branding, but the rumored “muskie” codenamed smartphone (a.k.a. Pixel XL 2) is expected to be canceled and replaced by the “taimen” codenamed smartphone (a.k.a. mystery Pixel with even larger screen). AP rates this rumor a 9 out of 10 in terms of confidence that it’s legit, so this may very well be the case for Google’s upcoming smartphones.

It’s unclear what Google has in store for the new Pixels, but rest assured there will only be two Pixels. The standard Pixel, codenamed “walleye”, will likely feature a display around 5-inches or so, while the larger Pixel XL, now codenamed “taimen”, will sport a screen larger than 5.5-inches. It wouldn’t surprise me if Google followed the recent trend set by LG and Samsung by granting their larger handset tinier bezels to allow a bigger screen to fit in a smaller body. Of course, this is just a guess and should be taken as such, but if it comes to pass come October, you know who to quote.