Minecraft is Getting a Major 4K Update This Fall

Minecraft creator Mojang today took the stage during the Xbox One X E3 2017 briefing to announce a major new update to the game called the “Better Together Update”. For one, cross-platform gameplay is now a thing across mobile, Windows 10 PC, VR, and console. Later this fall, the game will receive community servers for better customization options and utilities throughout gameplay. Also featured in this update is 4K output for the One X and devices that support the resolution.


Obviously, the One X is insanely powerful, so it makes sense to give Minecraft a bit more graphical power. That’s why Mojang is giving the game a “super duper graphics” option for those who wanna turn it on. It gives the game a bit more refinement and new effects most aren’t used to in the game so it might make for a refreshing experience for those of you who play the game on the regular.

The Better Together Update will arrive for free for Minecraft players this fall.