Pandora Brings AutoPlay Feature to Premium Users

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We just reviewed Pandora Premium in a few short words, and we think it’s good. It’s not great, but it’s good. And it’s about to get a lot gooder.

Pandora has added a feature that Premium debuted with but was left without when it reached users: AutoPlay. The feature allows for more music to continue playing when one’s playlist is over by creating a radio station based on the music you just listened to. Spotify has a similar feature, but in fairness, Pandora did introduce it first. They just didn’t execute first.

Whether this will convince more people to subscribe to Pandora Premium is beyond me. Since Spotify has a similar feature that feels the same, why bother switching? Unless the UI is calling your name or you’ve been a loyal Pandora users for years, just stick with Spotify. But hey, it’s nice to see Pandora keeping up with their efforts anyway.


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