Android O Confirmed as Android 8.0 in Third Developer Preview [Download Here]

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Google today released the third developer preview of Android O, a relatively minor Android upgrade that brings some major under-the-hood fixes and changes to make your overall experience using your device better. You can download factory and OTA images for the preview to install on a Pixel or Nexus device below.

So what’s changed in Android O DP3? Well, not that much. There have been some tweaks to the status bar and Settings app, but not much significant. Google has based the third DP of Android O off of the API level 26 which includes hundreds of bug fixes and optimizations and means developers can begin to publish their Android O-specific apps to the Play Store. But other than this, there hasn’t been much that’s changed.

However, we do receive confirmation on one major question surrounding Android O: what its version number would be. Sure, the name might mean more to you, but lots of folks in the Android community have questioned whether Google would release Android O under either Android 7.2 or Android 8.0. And predictibly, the company has chosen the latter.

Found in the Settings app under About phone, Android 8.0 is the confirmed version number of Android O. We still don’t know what its name will be, but we expect to learn this factor soon.

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