The OnePlus 5 May Come with a Massive 8GB of RAM

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Hidden inside a landing page’s code indicates that OnePlus’ upcoming flagship smartphone, known as the OnePlus 5, may feature a massive 8Gb of RAM. The company is known for granting users the maximum amount of available RAM they can provide in a smartphone as we’ve seen with both the OnePlus 2 (4GB RAM) and OnePlus 3 (6GB RAM) so it makes sense to see the OnePlus 5 take things to the next level.

As discovered by Evan Blass on Twitter, the code comes from a teaser page on indicating that the phone will be exclusively in India through the retailer. The following quote hidden in the code confirms the presence of 8GB of RAM in the handset alongside the Snapdragon 835 processor. It also tells us the device’s release date in India.

It’s unclear as to whether OnePlus will release a special variant of the OnePlus 5 in other parts of the world with 8GB of RAM and maybe stick with something more sensible like 6 or 4GB for the US, but when considering the company’s history, this doesn’t seem likely. Of course, we’ll know much more about the smartphone when it gets officially unveiled on June 20th. Stay tuned.


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