Google’s Android Nougat is Now Running on 9.5% of Devices

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Google today released the current status numbers for Android, their mobile operating system. Although it’s one of the most popular operating systems of all time, it’s latest release, Nougat, isn’t. on the contrary, Android 7.0 and 7.1 combined are currently on 9.5% of all devices, taking a 2.4% leap over last month’s statistics. Obviously, OEMs like Samsung, LG, and HTC are to thank for releasing new handsets with the software onboard, but this is still a relatively low number. Thanks, fragmentation.

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For reference, Android Marshmallow is on 31.2% of devices, Lollipop is on 30.8% over last month’s statistic of 32%, KitKat sits on 18.1% which is 0.7% lower over last month, Jelly Bean is on 8.8% over 9.1% last month, Ice Cream Sandwich remains on 0.8%, and Gingerbread for whatever reason is still on 0.8% as well.


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  1. […] while version 7.1 is running on 0.9% for a total of 11.5%. Overall, Nougat has seen a 2% bump over last month. This is thanks to new devices from Lenovo and OnePlus that are running the software alongside […]

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