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Apple: You’re Gonna Have to Spend $5,000 to Get a Space Gray Mouse and Keyboard

Apple’s new iMac Pro won’t be shipping until this December, but it’ll likely be worth the wait. Why? Not because of it’s impressive specs like a 5K display, Intel Xeon processors, up to 128GB of RAM, or even the fact that it ships with four USB-C ports and is VR ready. Instead, most folks may buy it for one key factor: the color.

The new iMac Pro ships in Space Gray wth no additional colors available. This is absolutely fine since the design scheme being used os so slick and beautiful. I mean, just look at the thing. Who wouldn’t wanna buy this thing just for the color?

Tell me this isn’t the prettiest Mac you’ve ever seen? #wwdc17

A post shared by Max Buondonno (@legendaryscoop) on Jun 5, 2017 at 2:56pm PDT


Now look, since we’re all so crazy about anything matte black or Space Gray, it only makes sense to be optimistic. And I can promise you, I’m not the only one that assumed the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse would be released in new Space Gray finishes later this year, sold separately from the iMac Pro. Unfortunately, all of us dreamers have been proven wrong, as Apple has confirmed to 9to5Mac that this isn’t the case at all.

On the contrary, Apple will exclusively include the Space Gray Magic Keyboard and Mouse with the purchase of an iMac Pro, meaning you’ll need to spend at least $4,999 to get them. Obviously, people are gonna sell off their accessories on sites like eBay to make a quick buck off the needy, but this is nevertheless a rather unfortunate occurrence out of today’s news.

You also won’t be able to upgrade the iMac Pro’s RAM, another key factor also confirmed to 9to5Mac. This means that you’ll have to spend a fortune to get the maximum amount of RAM in your new desktop Mac. And for reference, that maximum amount is 128GB. This, obviously, is still a lot of RAM. But for those who like to tinker with their computers by cracking them open may be disappointed.

But hey, you can always just spray paint your keyboard, mouse, and old maxed-out iMac to eliminate these two caveats.


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