Qualcomm Unveils New Quick Charge 4+ Standard w/ 15% Faster Charging Speeds


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Qualcomm has upgraded its standard for fast charging. Recently, the company unveiled Quick Charge 4.0 as a fresh way for devices to take advantage of the fast charging capabilities of their chipsets, but today the company has upgraded it once again with the introduction of Quick Charge 4+. This new technology promises even faster charging speeds and cooler charging temperatures (roughly 5 fewer degrees Fahrenheit).

Specifically, Quick Charge 4+ will charge your device up to 15% faster. Quick Charge 4.0 is already pretty speedy itself, but with this minor upgrade to the technology, expect your next phone to fill up even quicker than you may anticipate.

One perk about Quick Charge 4+ is the fact that it shouldn’t be too hard for manufacturers to implement it into their devices. Rather, three additions to an existing Quick Charge 4.0 setup in a device can be upgraded to 4+ with the following alterations.

  • Dual Charge: already an option in earlier versions, but now more powerful, Dual Charge includes a second power management IC in the device. Charging a device via Dual Charge divides the charge current, allowing for lower thermal dissipation and reduced charge time
  • Intelligent Thermal Balancing: a further enhancement to Dual Charge, intelligent thermal balancing is engineered to move current via the coolest path autonomously, eliminating hot spots for optimized power delivery
  • Advanced Safety Features: Quick Charge 4 already includes rigorous built-in safety protocols. Quick Charge 4+ goes one step further and is designed to monitor both the case and connector temperature levels simultaneously. This extra layer of protection helps ward against overheating and short-circuit or damage to the Type-C connector.

Unfortunately, most devices don’t already implement these technologies so something like a software update won’t enable faster charging speeds. That being said, the recently introduced Nubia Z17 does have the correct specifications for Quick Charge 4+ and already implements the new charging standard. In case you’re wondering, the Nubia Z17 sports a 5.5-inch Full HD display, a Snapdragon 835, a massive 8GB of RAM, and a 3,200mAh battery.


Additionally, Quick Charge 4+ will charge your device up to 30% more efficiently, a factor The Verge notes will be helpful when, say, charging from a portable power bank.

Expect more devices with the Quick Charge 4+ standard onboard soon. To verify whether your device sports the technology, check for the following logo.



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