After originally stating the series would debut in April and then delaying it for God knows what, Apple today confirmed that Carpool Karaoke: The Series, a spinoff of the now world-famous Late Late Show with James Cordon sketch, will debut August 8th on Apple Music. The trailer for the series can be seen below.

Apple doesn’t say why they delayed their first series to hit Apple Music in the first place, but we’ve reached out to confirm. In the press release, the company says Carpool Karaoke will feature celebrities like the entire Cyrus family, John Cena, Shakira, John Legend, Alicia Keys, LeBron James, and more throughout the series, while each week will bring another 30-minute episode. Of course, you’ll need to be a member of Apple Music to view it, but many people already are so Apple definitely has an audience to cater to. The question is how many will actually watch it. I find Cordon’s 7-12 minute Carpool Karaoke segments funny, but I’m not sure how well 30-minute versions will come off as. Regardless, I’ll obviously check the show out anyway and report back when I have thoughts.


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