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It’s been known for a little while that Google is working on a new operating system called Fuchsia. It’s unclear what it’s main purpose will be when/if it gets finished, but it looks like it’s development is accelerating as Google has officially given the OS its own user interface known as Armadillo.

Originally discovered by Kyle Bradshaw at Hotfix, Armadillo focuses heavily on Material Design as it’s main language and offers a simpler UI when compared to even that of Android. It’s built from within Google’s new Flutter SDK which enables cross-platform code to operate on systems like Fuchsia, Android, and even iOS. It works on both phones and tablets and one day may ultimately replace Android.

Armadillo is much different, however. By swiping down, you’ll bring forth Stories that are basically recently-used apps. Swiping up will get you a Google Now-type interface with search suggestions and a search bar that brings up Fuchsia’s keyboard, an element that remains black for the time being. Smack in the middle, you’ll find a placeholder with your profile picture with the current day, time, location, and battery status of your device. Tapping on the picture will spring to life a mini menu that acts sort of like Android’s Quick Settings in which you can view your current Wi-Fi network and cellular reception, toggle between sound and brightness levels, turn on or off Airplane Mode, and lock the orientation of your display.  It’s worth noting that one of these functions work at this time, so you can’t control your device from this demo.

It’s clear, though, that this is a much more toned-down version of a Google OS. At least when compared to what we’re seeing here, Android and Chrome OS look more cluttered and busy when set beside Fuchsia. Yes, more refinement needs to take place before this user interface can actually launch, but when that’s done, this UI may become a hit amongst users. And I have to say, I’m already a fan.

Mind you, none of this information is confirmed yet and neither is this interface. It could totally change by tomorrow, so keep this in mind before jumping to any conclusions. Luckily, if you wanna check out the new Armadillo UI for yourself, you can install this APK on your Android device.

Since Google I/O 2017 is right around the corner, we may hear more about Fuchsia soon. It seems unlikely, but why not, right?


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