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T-Mobile’s 5G Network is Coming in Three Years

T-Mobile has made an announcement that makes them the first carrier to do so: its plans for a 5G network rollout. The Uncarrier says they’ll use their $8 billion purchase of a low-band 600 MHz spectrum to deliver 5G data speeds from “coast-to-coast.”

T-Mobile’s pretty skimpy on details regarding how they plan to rollout the network, but the following paragraph explains their efforts in a more specific tone of voice.

T-Mobile’s 600 MHz 5G network will deliver increased radio efficiency, immense numbers of connected devices, lower latency and improved battery life and reliability, all of which Mobile 5G will make possible. T-Mobile expects to deploy 5G in its low-band 600 MHz spectrum quickly across its existing nationwide macro network, in contrast with the carriers’ millimeter wave spectrum plans, which would require a number of small cells so massive that providing broad coverage would be impossible.

T-Mobile also took it upon themselves to throw a few jabs at AT&T and their “5G” Spectrum. “There’s no such thing as ‘5G spectrum,’ and in the next decade we’ll see everything moving to 5G,” said Neville Ray, T-Mobile’s CTO. And he’s right. AT&T’s new network speeds are essentially 4G ‘S’ speeds, if you will, meaning they’re incrementally faster. But what do you do to get this message across? Market the speeds as 5G and see who falls for it.

“Nationwide Mobile 5G will require both high-band AND broad low-band coverage,” Ray continued. “Having unused nationwide 600 MHz spectrum means T-Mobile is in an ideal position to deliver.”

T-Mobile says they plan to start pushing their 5G network out in 2019, with a nationwide rollout expected to occur in 2020. Therefore, we’re just three years away from seeing 5G go mainstream. Y’know, at least according to John Legere.


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