Google Redesigns the “My Apps” Section of the Play Store

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Google has begun rolling out a complete redesign of the “My Apps” section of the Play Store on Android. It’s a much-needed change as before, you could only view a list of apps that needed to be updated or have been previously updated and click a button that would automatically update all of your apps. Now, you can individually select which apps get updated and which don’t alongside manage your installed apps in a cleaner fashion, manage your Family Library apps, and see which apps you have registered in their respective beta programs.

There’s also a new way to organize your installed aps. Under the “Installed” tab, you can view your apps in the following orders: Alphabetical, Last updated, Last used, and Size. This alone makes managing your apps much easier, so I’m glad to see this change arrive at a time when people are mindlessly installing apps which will probably sit on their phones and never get used, therefore wasting precious space and battery life.

You now also see the size of each update that’s available for installation rather having to try and judge how big it is by the app. I tend to always see Facebook updates as pretty big, but at least I’ll now know for sure.

Finally, size indications for all of your installed apps are also present in the Play Store so you can get a bird’s eye view of all relevant data with the tap of a single application’s icon. Overall, I’m a fan of these changes and additions and think we’re all better off with the new design than before.

What’s your opinion? Do you like the new design?


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