Anyone Can Now Subscribe to Pandora’s Premium Music Streaming Service

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When Pandora launched their Premium on-demand music streaming service, only those who received an invitation could subscribe and get a free trial. This changes today, as the platform has opened and expanded to all interested users. This means that now, anyone can subscribe to Pandora Plus.

The service costs $9.99/month but arrives with a 7-day free trial. For those already subscribed to Pandora Plus, you’ll receive a 6-month free trial Premium offers millions of songs on-demand, but it’s hard to say how well it’s gonna compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music in the long run as it lacks a proper desktop interface, exclusive albums and/or singles, and the market share that competitors seem to have gobbled up in recent times. That’s not to say Pandora couldn’t reign┬ásupreme in the end, but at least for now, it seems pretty unlikely.


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