Never Mind, You Can’t Remap the Bixby Button on the Galaxy S8


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We previously learned that with the help of an app, you could remap the dedicated button found on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ to activate Samsung’s Bixby AI assistant. Whelp, it looks like Samsung caught on to this little trick, as a new firmware rolling out to all S8 and S8+ devices will rid the handsets of the hack. In other words, you’ll no longer be able to remap the Bixby button in any form or fashion.

But why? Because Samsung actually wants users to use Bixby rather setting the assistant aside and switching to, say, Google’s offerings. Sure, it’s a good move on Samsung’s part, but this is gonna stink for anyone who was interested in picking up the Galaxy S8 in hopes of having a programmable shortcut button.

A later update to XDA’s article regarding the S8’s firmware update indicates that Samsung has officially confirmed this change is being rolled out. So much for All in One Gestures pulling through…


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