Google has released the current Android distribution numbers for the month of April 2017 as they consistently do and have revealed how many devices are currently running Nougat, the operating system’s latest release. Last month, we saw a jump of 1.6% up to 2.8%, and now Nougat has climbed onto another 2.1% of all devices, meaning 4.9% of devices are running either 7.0 or 7.1. This is obviously thanks to new devices being introduced with Nougat on board and constant over-the-air upgrades amongst older phones and tablets, but it’s nevertheless nice to see the latest version of Android keep climbing and at a pretty steady pace.

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For reference, Android Marshmallow dropped 0.1% to 31.2%, Android Lollipop is now on 32%, KitKat is on 20%, Jelly Bean is on 10.1%, and Ice Cream Sandwich and Honeycomb both remain stubbornly on 0.9% of devices each.


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