Stephen King’s It Trailer Has Been Recut with the Cat in the Hat and It’s Great

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Last Wednesday, the first trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s It was released, and I couldn’t take it seriously. I guess it’s the idea of being scared of clowns which just seems foolish to me (again, I feel for anyone scared of them), but it could be thanks to many other much scarier things being publicized and in front of my face constantly.

That’s not to say I didn’t like the trailer, because I did. The movie itself looks great, and now it looks even better. That or now I’m positive I won’t be scared if I see it.

Thanks to YouTuber But Without, we now have our first look at what the Cat in the Hat would do in Pennywise’s place. The entire trailer has been recut so the movie looks like it takes place in Whoville and Mike Myers’ character is evil and probably deranged. It’s a great watch if you’ve already seen the original It trailer, but it’s also great if you just want a good chuckle at how weird the sound of Myers’ Cat laugh is.

It hit’s theaters September 9th.

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