Vudu has announced a new feature in their mobile app for iOS and Android which will allow you to convert your old, likely rotting away DVD collection into a digital library available to stream across all of your devices. This works for both standard DVDs and Blu-rays.

For a “like” conversion (same bitrate and quality) of a standard DVD, it’ll cost you $2. For an HD digital copy, it’ll cost you $5. For Blu-rays, there’s only one price tier: $2. This is pretty inexpensive if you don’t want to go through the trouble of buying your movie twice (both physically and digitally), and if you think about it, you can convert 10 DVDs and/or Blu-rays for the price of one DVD at your local Target or Walmart.

Speaking of Target or Walmart, no, you can’t go around scanning DVD box barcodes and practically stealing movies for $2. Vudu requires users to grant their app access to your GPS so they can verify you’re not in a location where DVDs are sold. If they see you’re in, say, a residential area, they’ll let you go. Otherwise, they’ll lock you out.

Mind you, this DVD-to-digital tool isn’t all that new. Walmart launched the idea as an in-store program for customers. Then the company made the function available to home PC users. Now, you just need your smartphone, which is pretty nifty.

For current Vudu users, you’ll be granted one free scan of any film as a thank you for using their service. For those not currently signed up, sorry – no perks for you.