Evie Launcher Now Supports App Shortcuts

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We told you about Evie Launcher in our guide on how to make your Android device feel more like iOS back when it didn’t exactly resemble the rest of Android. It’s since then been updated to version 2.0 which included a dock, a proper app drawer, and an improved Settings interface, while today’s update finally adds one of the most requested features: App Shortcuts.

By pressing and holding on a variety of icons, Android 7.1+ users can enjoy quick shortcuts to jump to if they need to head to a specific part of an app. Additionally, the team behind Evie decided that since not everyone is running Nougat, they’ve included the feature for all users of Android 5.1+. This means that even more Android device owners can enjoy the functionality and not just the current 2.8% of devices out there.

For reference, here’s Evie’s latest release notes.

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