Android Nougat Leaps Onto 2.8% of All Devices

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Google has released the current Android distribution numbers for the month of March, indicating just how many devices are running which versions of the OS. Unsurprisingly, Android Nougat has made progress over the last month, and it’s pretty significant. This month saw a surge of 1.6%, with 2.8% of all Android users running either Nougat 7.0 or 7.1. If you do the math, that means last month the OS was on 1.2% of all devices, indicating that the rollout of software updates and the introductions of new devices with Nougat on board is definitely helping its case.

Here’s a full look at this month’s distribution numbers.

Screenshot (84)

For reference, Marshmallow increased this month as well from 30.7% to 31.3%, Lollipop dropped to 32.5%, KitKat is on 20.8% over last month’s count of 21.9%, Jelly Bean is on 10.6% over 11.3% last month, and ICS and Gingerbread stubbornly remain on 1% of devices each. Maybe one day we’ll see their deaths…


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