Customers Have Placed Over 40,000 Preorders for the LG G6 in Just 4 Days

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In a new press release out of Korea, LG has announced that customers have placed over 40,000 preorders for the new G6 smartphone in the four days the phone’s been available. This is a pretty incredible feat and indicates LG finally has their mojo back with this handset, a favorite amongst early adopters.

So what’s lead to the G6’s success so early in its lifespan? Exact reasons are unclear, but LG has allowed customers to try out the phone at  3,000 experience zones before they purchase it, and since it highlights many characteristics that make a flagship smartphone in 2017 great, I’m sure those interested grew attached to the handset and just couldn’t resist. That or LG’s lying to everyone.

Another reason is likely the fact that it’s so much better than last year’s G5. In 2016, LG went with gimmicks over reality and wound up with a smartphone that crashed and burned thanks to the lack of “friends” and unrealistic construction. But for 2017, the company appears to have gotten their act straight and went with an all-around great smartphone with flagship specs and characteristics unique to LG for the time being. It’s obviously a much safer approach while being a bit boring at the same time, but considering what went down last year, this is a necessary step to stay above the water.

According to the same press release, we have confirmation that the G6 will go on sale in Korea starting March 10th for 899,800 won (about $779 USD). There’s no word on when the handset will make its way to other territories, but stay tuned.


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