Google Says the Pixel is Getting a Sequel and No Budget Option

In a new interview with AndroidPIT, Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of hardware at Google, confirmed that the 2016 smash-hit Pixel smartphone will be getting a sequel during 2017. It was originally assumed the smartphone would get a second variant at some point during this year, but it’s always nice to receive confirmation.

When will we get the Pixel 2?

Osterloh said, “There is an annual rhythm in the industry. So, you can count on us to follow it.”

Unfortunately, AndroidPIT couldn’t pull an official date from Osterloh or timeframe for when we could expect the Pixel 2 to launch, but one thing’s for certain: the Pixel brand will stay premium, amidst rumors that there may be a cheaper Pixel 2B variant arriving this year as well.

He also confirmed that the Pixel will be at home in the upper price segment. “Pixel stays premium,” explains the hardware boss of Google. Also, he stuck to his answer through repeated questioning by various round table participants: there will be no cheap Pixel. Google will continue to leave lower price segments to other manufacturers.

For the Pixel 2, we hope to see a more unique design rather the standard aluminum slab we’re all so used to seeing, while better waterproofing, an improved camera, new software, and improved specs are all expected as well. We likely have around 7 months or so until we see the Pixel 2 for the first time officially, so stay tuned.

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