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BlackPods Will Paint Your AirPods for Just $99 [Get a $20 Discount Here]

We recently heard about a new initiative from ColorWare to color your new Apple AirPods Jet Black, but as it turns out, they’re not exactly the best company to go to for this customization. Another company by the name of BlackPods has been doing the exact same thing for even longer, and guess what? They’re cheaper.

For ColorWare to paint your AirPods (you know, the ones you already bought for $79), it costs $289. That brings your total to a whopping $368 just for black wireless headphones. That’s pretty outrageous.

Luckily, BlackPods offers a simpler solution. You can buy a brand-new pair of AirPods painted black for just $249, $40 cheaper than a paint job on your own AirPods at ColorWare. Additionally, if you wanna bring your own AirPods, it costs just $99 to give them a nice, dark finish which brings your total to just $178, $190 cheaper than the competition.

I have to say, this is a pretty great deal, especially when compared to what ColorWare charges. Of course, you can get your AirPods in other colors via ColorWare, but undoubtfully, everyone will want them in black, something that seems to be a pretty simple process according to BlackPods. And fortunately for MBEDDED readers, you can get your AirPods or a new pair painted black for $20 off using promo code “SAVE20” without the quotes. This prices both a paint job ($79) and a fresh pair of the headphones ($229) even more competitively. Therefore, I highly suggest taking advantage of this offer if you hate the glaring white toothbrush heads sticking out of your ears and wish you had something a bit more discrete without losing features like the W1 chip and Siri activation while also not spending your week’s pay.

Click here to place your BlackPods order for $20 off

Thanks to BlackPods for sponsoring this article!


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