If you recall, we recently heard from the Wall Street Journal indicating that the next iPhone (the really fancy glass one likely called the iPhone 8) would feature a new USB-C port over the proprietary Lightning port we’re all used to seeing. This didn’t settle well in the stomachs of many, so KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is back to clear some of this confusion up (via MacRumors).

For starters, Kuo says the iPhone 8 will indeed feature a Lightning port, but with faster charging speeds provided by USB-C technology. In other words, all the tech found in a USB-C port will be found in this next-generation Lightning port. You may call it Lightning 2. Furthermore, the analyst says the supplied Lightning cable will feature a USB-C connector on the bottom for connecting to the power adapter. This would also allow for a more seamless connection with Apple’s Type-C-enabled MacBooks they’ve been pushing lately, saving you $20 you’d have to spend on an adapter.

This is probably the smartest move for the company as consumers probably aren’t ready yet to make the full-on switch to USB-C, even though Apple may want them to. And with the USB-C connection provided by a Lightning port, a better listening experience with wired headphones will be provided as there’s no longer a headphone jack on the iPhone and USB-C provides pretty nice sound output. Therefore, this change will likely be for the better with little to none caveats. Let’s just hope Apple doesn’t spring something on us that’ll make us even more upset than losing the headphone jack…


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