Samsung May Release a New Gear VR with a Single-Hand Controller


Google’s Daydream View headset is pretty popular amongst Pixel owners and those who have access to the Daydream platform. One reason may be due to the level of comfortability offered by the headset, while another likely cause is most definitely the dedicated controller that comes with the accessory, making interaction with virtual reality more life-like and enjoyable. Whelp, it looks like Samsung saw this fact as a capitalization opportunity and may debut a fresh Gear VR headset with a “single hand controller.”

The news comes via Roland Quandt, a WinFuture editor and profound leaker, on Twitter who stated that a new Gear VR (model number SM-R324) headset would be introduced to accommodate the new Galaxy S8 and would feature a dedicated controller for playing games and interacting with the UI. It’s unlikely the design of the headset will be much different when compared to the one introduced alongside the Galaxy S7, but an array of sensors for operating with the new controller will obviously be included this time around.

As of now, the only interaction you can have with VR by using the Gear VR headset is no more than with a Google Cardboard, so obviously a dedicated controller would make a significant different compared to last year’s headset. If I were Samsung, I’d also competitively price this new accessory better compete with the Daydream View by charging somewhere around $79 rather $99. As a warning, I haven’t heard any rumors regarding this possibility, so take this information with a grain of salt. But I think we can all agree a lot more people would buy the headset if it were a bit cheaper.

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