Microsoft May Debut a Sequel to HoloLens in 2019


Microsoft’s HoloLens finally began shipping last year to developers who were willing to fork over $3,000 for a developer kit. It’s not exactly available to the public, but it’s available to anyone who wants it, if that makes sense. Now, the company behind the holographic computing hardware is gearing up for a revised model with improvements and possibly new features if a report from is of any indication.

According to the article, Microsoft will release a new version of the HoloLens come 2019, three years after the original model began shipping. Interestingly, the company reportedly had a second model nearly ready to go, but rather introduce slight improvements and tweaks in version 2, Microsoft is currently planning to show off version 3 that they cooked up which includes more extensive changes they find better fitting for a second-generation product. And since competition in this market is pretty low right now, MS will take their time with this revision, leaving the public waiting roughly a full two years from now for a look at what the future of HoloLens may bestow.

There’s no word on what revisions will take place for HoloLens 2, but a possible wider field of view, tweaked design, or better specs are all being guessed. For now, take the information shared here with a grain of salt since we’re still so far out. But at least we now know Microsoft won’t leave everyone hanging with just one HoloLens to work with.

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