The MotherBox Offers Charging With Literally No Wires


We’ve seen wireless charging before in smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but normally you’ll have to place your phone on an inductive charging pad plugged into a wall in order to avoid simply inserting a Lightning or USB-C cable. So technically, “wireless charging” isn’t exactly “wireless.” But thanks to a new company by the name of Yank Technologies, wireless charging is getting a serious upgrade.


A new Indiegogo campaign has just launched for a device called the MotherBox. Yes, it’s named after that transportation computer you see in DC Comics all the time and looks liek something straight out of the matrix, but it can’t transport beings. Instead, it transports energy to your phone literally without any wires whatsoever and charges your battery. “But how?” you may ask. Whelp, here you go…

With a typical inductive charging solution, you’re stuck with an energy signal that can only go so far, therefore requiring physical connection between your device and the pad itself. But for the MotherBox, Yank uses their patented Three-Dimensional Coil Rays to transmit energy via X, Y, and Z fields, creating a 3D energy field and much stronger signal to allow up to 3-4 devices with special receivers attached to them to recharge as long as they’re in close range. This totally eliminates the need for users to set their phone on a dedicated charging station and allows them to simply walk in a room and immediately begin charging. It’s technology you wished existed yesterday and surprisingly debuts in 2017.


Now mind you, you can’t go very far from the MotherBox and still receive a charge as the signal gets weaker and weaker the more you move away from it (think of it like Bluetooth from years back). For instance, to receive a ~4W charge, you’ll need to be within 15 inches of each other, but this is nevertheless still a pretty fair distance.


Like I said earlier, you need a receiver attached to your phone in order to use the MotherBox to charge your device, but one comes included with every purchase which you can configure at checkout to work with either your iPhone or Android device with a microUSB or USB-C port. You can also hide the receiver with a case if you don’t want it to be that prominent.


In addition, two models of the MotherBox are being offered: the standard MotherBox which needs to be plugged into a wall and the MotherBox Mini which features an external battery pack, making it portable for use on the go. An app connects your device to the MotherBox which will give you current statistics regarding its wireless range and how much more power is still available (obviously for the MotherBox Mini only).

Pricing wise, the standard MotherBox is currently being offered for just $79 as an Early Bird special. The MotherBox Mini is currently $89 likely due to it offering a portable experience. You can also pick up both for $159 as a complete package. And for those interested, just a receiver will run you $12.

Yank says the MotherBoxes will begin shipping in September of this year. For more information, click here.

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