Apple May Debut a 4K-Enabled Apple TV This Year


According to a new report out of Bloomberg, Apple is currently in the process of launching a 4K-enabled Apple TV. This would be the fifth generation of the device and may very well launch this year, according to the article.

Reportedly codenamed “J105,” this Apple TV will likely be capable of streaming both 4K and HDR content to your television. It would most certainly upgrade current users’ experiences as the fourth-gen TV can only output in 1080p. However, Bloomberg notes this would probably be the only upgrade users see with the fifth-gen product. Whatever the case may be, at least 4K is in the Apple TV’s future.

Furthermore, Bloomberg notes certain internal efforts within Apple which could’ve resulted in the TV owning the living room. For instance, Apple was testing prototypes of an Apple TV with an array of ports similar to a cable box which would result in the replacement of the latter, therefore enabling the Apple TV to stream cable content and allow Apple to take part of earned revenue with networks and cable providers. There was also the possibility that a dedicated gaming controller would be included to better compete with Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation, but that obviously didn’t happen, for better or worse.

Ultimately what Apple settled for was a product that one of Bloomberg‘s sources describes as “evolutionary” and not “revolutionary.” “I signed up for revolutionary. We got evolutionary.” Therefore, it looks like Apple may need to up their game. We received confirmation earlier today that WWDC 2017 is coming on June 5th, so Apple may introduce some much-needed changes for the software of the Apple TV, but with no rumors to base our guesses off of, it’s hard to saw whether tvOS 11 will be worth it in the end. Of course, as time goes on, we shall learn.

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