T-Mobile One Gets an Upgrade to Compete with Verizon Unlimited


Verizon may have just brought back their unlimited plan, but that doesn’t mean their leading competitors won’t immediately jump the gun just to keep up. A prime example is T-Mobile who’s CEO announced on Twitter that as of Friday, all T-Mobile One (the carrier’s unlimited plan) subscribers will be able to stream HD video rather DVD quality alongside receive 10GB of hotspot high-speed data “all at no extra charge.”

John Legere notes that taxes and fees are included in the current $70/month price of One, so this should be the final cost of your monthly bill after this upgrade takes place come February 17th. In addition, T-Mobile will hold a promotion so you can also have two separate lines on your plan for $100/month, $40 cheaper than Verizon before additional taxes and fees.

All of this basically means Verizon’s competitors are under pure pressure, even though they won’t directly admit it. But in actions like these that are bound to surface from other carriers at some point in the near future, it’s safe to say that the unlimited plan market is about to become extremely heated, with options, gimmicks, and offers being offered left and right to lure you over.

For reference, here’s how T-Mobile now stacks up against Verizon.


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